The Begining

Lookit that. I have an online journal. Now I can spill my thoughts out here where everyone with internet access can read them. And I should do this why?

4 thoughts on “The Begining”

  1. Because we’re interested!

    Hey, Sandra. This is Strange/David, formerly of the Schlock boards. I’m still reading the strip, but I unfortunately have been unable to devote the time to the boards. =(

    Welcome to LJ!

  2. And I should do this why?

    My mother uses my LJ to keep up with her granddaughters and me. I don’t e-mail often but when the girls do something amusing I’ll post it. My friends (as opposed to Friends) like to hear what I think (I hope that’s why they keep me in their filters so I can read and comment on their posts.)

    But mostly I have my livejournal as an aggregator for people that I want to read. I used to read Usenet but I find this to be easier.

  3. Welcome Aboard

    Why keep posting? Why not? If you’ve ever had a rant or a thought you’ve ever wanted to insert into another person’s head; a meme that you want to share, or even just a little rant for people who are on your Friends or Private list only… LiveJournal can do that.

    Besides, it’s therapeutic, I’ve found, to have a niche of the Net just for oneself, so to speak, without having to go through the trouble of setting up a personal page. It also seems less arrogant to do so.

    It’s a method of expression. How often or little you use it is immaterial, non? It’s there.

    Welcome to the club. 😀

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