Bad mommy.

This morning Gleek came downstairs and sat next to me on the floor with sad eyes and a very sad pout and said “Mommy, stop looking at your computer.” Even sadder is the fact that she said it three times before the words registered in my brain and I turned to look at her.

It’s just possible that I’ve spent too much time online lately.

3 thoughts on “Bad mommy.”

  1. Eh. It’s quite possible that Gleek would have said, “Mommy, stop looking at your book.” Or paying attention to Patches, or Kiki, or Link. Unless you think you’ve spent too much time on-line I wouldn’t worry.

  2. It could be either way – if Howard starts saying it, you KNOW you’ve been online too long. Young kids can either lie to get attention, which they will try to monopolize… or they’ll be more honest than the older kids will be, and say what they think is going on, in which case you may well have spent too much time at the PC.

    One way to handle it is to have shared PC time, I guess. I’ll have to check with a few friends to see how they handle such situations.

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