On the road again

Now I’m at my sister’s house. Although internet connections abound, privacy and brainspace are hard to come by, so I’ll not be posting much. Today and tomorrow are Family Reunion. Thursday finishes out the Family reunion and begins Fandemonium. I won’t be back home until sometime on Monday at which point I’ll probably have more stories than I have energy to tell.

Speaking of stories, Gleek picked Milo & Otis for an in-the-car movie. I think she mostly picked it because the box had a kitten and a puppy on it. Frankly I expected all the kids to be bored. I certainly cringed listening to the narration through the whole movie. The kids were entranced and delighted. I actually enjoyed having the movie in the car because all four kids went into peals of laughter frequently. I love hearing my kids laugh. Patches actually watched and shouted “Da-Gee! Wa-wa!” when the dog fell in the water. Then during the bouncy credits music Link was bopping around in the back seat and I just had to laugh. So in the end I have mixed feelings about Milo & Otis. It’s hard to hate something that makes the kids so cute and happy.

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