Sick Kids. Whee.

I arrived home from vacation on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were supposed to be days for me to bring house and life back into control and to gear up for starting school next Monday. Ha! Gleek got sick. She transformed from a happy bouncy “I’m bored” climbing-on-things person into a sad, cranky, snuggly, feverish little person. For three days she didn’t want me any further away than across the room and if she could be snuggled in my lap that was best.

Patches didn’t like this. He was still recovering from post vacational Separation Anxiety stress and couldn’t stand to see snuggling happening unless it was for him. It went like this: Mommy snuggles Gleek. Patches wanders in, sees snuggle, and climbs on top pushing and shoving until there is room for him. Gleek cries because she’s been pushed, shoved, or otherwise injured. Patches cries because his snuggle attempts are rejected. Mommy cries out of sheer frustration.

Gleek improved today, less snuggling was necessary. Here is hoping for a healthy tomorrow.