Of readership and rocks.

I took a look at my Userinfo page today and noticed the number of people who have “friended” me has creeped up to 73. This amazes me. Stories about my life are obviously entertaining to me, but I didn’t realize there was a broader audience for them. Although I suspect that many of the names on that list have gone inactive. I also suspect that there are some people who tune in to read who aren’t registered LJ users. Look honey, I have a readership of my very own! (Howard’s LJ has over 300 friends, which isn’t so surprising considering the popularity of Schlock Mercenary.)

In other news, school starts tomorrow. I get to trade the trials and joys of summer lack-of-schedule for the trials and joys of school-year rut. I’m expecting a rough year since both Kiki and Link are in transition grades. 4th grade is a transition from learning basics into using basics to learn other stuff. It’s also when peer interactions can begin to turn ugly. Hopefully not, but we’ll see. 1st grade is a big step up from Kindergarten both academically and socially. Hopefully the rocks I see looming ahead are mirages.

15 thoughts on “Of readership and rocks.”

  1. It’s likely true that readers do come often from your fellow
    Who’ll elevate as you relate your stressful tales and mellow
    But on your own your stature’s grown and you’re most entertaining
    So many read your family screed for sunshine when it’s raining.

    My who, like you, can show wisdom in her writing
    Enjoys your tales and she regales how your style’s so inviting
    She thinks you’ll take the paged keepsake of LJ journal pleasures
    And pass it through — your kids and you will long enjoy these treasures.

    ===|==============/ Level Head

  2. You have fans!

    You have fans, and you don’t have to fiddle around with pens and drawing! 🙂

    School oh schedule, o blessed schedule. They’ll survive. You prepare them as best you can, and be there for when they need it.

  3. Re: Earlier

    It seems to start in first grade. At least for Goose. First grade had a little girl who was very jealous of the fact that Goose got to ride her bicycle to school. Second grade had a little boy who tried to kiss Goose which lead to her crawling under a library table to avoid him. Third grade seemed to pass without incident. Thus far this year 4th grade (2 weeks of school) there is a little girl who calls Goose Grandma because Goose had two braids in her hair.

    I’m glad this is all she’s got to deal with.

  4. Re: You have fans!

    I agree! You’ve gone fans!

    You have a very nice writing style, and entertaining stories. That’s why I friended ya. ^_^

  5. Re: Earlier

    I think it depends on the peer group. Kiki had a truly miserable 2nd grade year for friendships. 3rd grade went just fine. I guess I’m expecting 4th grade to be hard with peers because mine was so miserable. Time will tell.

    Lets hope for those carved statues Silvergoose mentioned.

  6. Actually, I did the Friend thing because I wanted to see what you wrote, especially after Howard linked to it. It’s both a different perspective on Howard, and also a viewpoint into the household and another person’s daily life. You could call it a semi-voyeurism, except that the view-ee controls what is being seen, and the view-er has the ability to peek into many keyholes at once.

  7. We love you Saaaaandra
    Oh yes we dooooooo
    We love you Saaaaandra
    And we’ll be truuuuue
    When you’re not wiiiith us,
    We’re bluuuuuuuue
    Oh Saaaandra, weeeee love yooooou.

  8. Here’s a ‘Chase Suitors Away’ bat. Useful for when your children get to dating age, if Howard’s so inclined.

    *hands over the bat*

    I won’t be using it for a few years. 😀

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