Oh Buffer My Buffer. . .

Well, I guess technically it is Howard’s buffer, but it significantly affects my life so I can claim a small slice of ownership. 4 years of experience has taught me that a buffer of 28 days or more puts us in the Happy Zone. At that point there is less ambient buffer stress around the house and Howard starts really enjoying the cartooning and taking time to make it visually prettier. And when he wanders upstairs he is cheerful and refreshed rather than drained and stressed. I love a big buffer.

Unfortunately two weeks from now we are facing the largest and most concentrated buffer-hit we’ve ever had. It begins August 10 and for the following five weeks Howard will only be home for one of them. So instead of enjoying the current buffer of 28, Howard is understress to try to double it in two weeks. Possible, but extremely improbable.

So what I get is pre-trip buffer building stress. Howard gone. Then post-trip buffer building stress. Not a whole lot of happy for me in Howard travelling.

But Novell pays the bills and until such a time that we can dispense with the Novell paycheck it would be dishonest to dodge the work that they pay Howard for. If I keep telling myself that I’ll be happier about the travel right?

4 thoughts on “Oh Buffer My Buffer. . .”

  1. Here, you can borrow some of my happy. Actually, take the next month or so of it. 😀 I won’t be using it for much in that timeframe, anyhow.

    By the by, what topics did get covered in the “Women in Gaming” panel, anyhow, for those of us who were Fandemonium-deprived? You didn’t mention much in the last entry…

  2. As many Schlockers have said in the past…

    If a break needs be taken, then he should take it…

    We will, in no way, hold it against him that work/real life has made serious demands on his time and attention…

    Honestly, we’ll be sad to have no talking amorphs, but we’ll survive… Somehow…

  3. Here, have a mug of HangInThere, I’ve added extra marshmallow bits.

    School has started, giving you structured, scheduled days. You’d mentioned in previous postings how great this was from both kid-wrangling and housework standpoints- until it becomes a rut). Perhaps with Howard’s travel coming this soon in the school year, you’ll be able to lean on that schedule a bit.

    There’s your family, willing to do all sorts of stuff to help out. They’re so willing to help out that sometimes you feel like you’re taking advantage of them and maybe use them less than you could. Family’s a terrific support network.

    There’s your husband, who backs up your decisions, calls when he’s gone, makes time for the kids when he’s back, and has the grace to feet bad about leaving you even when it’s to bring home the paycheck.

    There’s your faith, which provides that the strength and comfort to bridge the gaps.

    And lastly, there’s always us. We’re a very minor item of the equation, but we’ll try to provide shoulders to lean on, tissues if needed, virtual comfort-foods of choice, and pats on the back.

    You’ll do fine, even if you don’t recognize it until this is all over. Maybe a glitch here and there, but overall … this too shall pass and make you, your family, your marriage and faith stronger.

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