According to Howard if the Red Badge of Courage is Blood, then the Translucent Badge of Motherhood is Snot.

I ponder this while wearing my third shirt for today. If I ever have amnesia I’ll be able to tell that I’m a mother just by looking at my clothes. They’re oldish, stained, washable, easy to move in, and usually “badged”.

Fortunately neither Howard nor the kids seem to care what my clothes look like. Although there have been some times where I’ve wondered what other people think as I look down and realized that I forgot to change before going out in public. If I were a celebrity, there would be tons of paparazzi photos of me looking horrible. So many opportunities for photo taking.

4 thoughts on “Badges”

  1. “Look, it’s a Conscientious Mommy. And we’re in luck, this one is in full regalia. It’s very unusual to see such a wide range of markings on the same specimen.”

  2. “Whoa! Did you see that? She just picked up ‘er offspring and managed to ‘erd them all into the van in just five seconds! Let me tell you, it’s a rare specimen that can do all that!”

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