Loose thoughts about today

This afternoon was calm. Homework was accomplished without battles, in part because the two kids who have been fighting me both decided to get most of it done while still at school. It makes me hopeful that we’re nearing the end of the swirling emotional chaos that I’ve been swimming in since school started. On the other hand, I’m a bit afraid to get my hopes up for fear that this calm will merely prove to be the eye of the storm.

Because of the calm I got to spend an hour drafting an essay. This one is longer than is usual for me, but it is within the word limit for the contest where I intend to submit it. I just need to figure out the last paragraph and it will be ready for first readers.

Howard and I were discussing our experience with publishing. It has been far from typical. We aren’t even typical for webcomics which publish books. Once again I was reminded what an incredible gift the Schlock readers give to us. We are truly honored by their loyalty and support.

I’m sitting on my bed composing this entry. Next to me sits a stuffed Opus wearing reindeer horns. (From Bloom County by Berke Breathed) The horns used to have ball ornaments hanging from them, but those have gone missing in the decade since I acquired him. Mostly Opus has spent his lifetime being pulled out as part of the Christmas decor. But in the past three years he has a new lease on life. He is our Christmas elf, an emblem of good works. It begins with a good deed. This year Link made my bed. Then he placed Opus on top as a sign that a good deed had been done. It was then my job to do a good deed for someone else. Then that person has to do a good deed and so on. In theory Opus should be hopping around regularly all month long. In reality he’s spent almost a week waiting in my room. It is not that I don’t do things for the kids. I do all the time, but Opus is supposed to go with something extra, something beyond the call of duty. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time for anything extra, so Opus waits. I really need to get my act together though. Patch keeps noticing that Opus hasn’t moved. He really wants the Christmas Opus to show up for him. He wants a turn at good-deed-doing. So tomorrow I need to find something nice to do for Patch.

Also, I need to help Gleek make more paper crafts to give to Kiki. That project fell off the radar over the weekend, but it needs to go back. Gleek needs it.