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January 2010
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Heading home tomorrow

1 trip, 3 birthdays, 260 pictures. I think I’m about ready to go home. I’m going to miss 60 degree weather, green, and the smell of unfrozen ground. I’m leaving behind early spring and returning to mid-winter. Sigh. But I’m glad to be going anyway. I’m looking forward to getting back to work on all […]

Grandma on her 90th birthday

When I was 12 years old, writing was my primary source of income. My Grandma paid me a penny per word for anything I wrote. In pursuit of this wealth I wrote thousands of words. Then I spent most of the money on Breyer horses. I still have the horses. I still have the essential […]

Thoughts on visiting, roots, San Francisco, and Museums

Livermore California was my home for 18 years. Until I left for college I lived here. I am here again on a visit, but it does not feel like my home town. Not anymore. This is no fault of the town or the inhabitants. I’ve simply lived in Utah longer now. I’ve clocked 19 years […]

Gleek Makes Friends

Gleek climbed up the rail right next to the sign forbidding rail climbing. She stretched out one finger toward the butterfly wafting on the slight breezes blowing through the rain forest exhibit. A bird swooped past us, on some feathered errand. Two stories below swam catfish the size of toddlers. We are inside the Steinhart […]

To Grandmother’s House we go

I don’t like flying very much. I like getting to go places, but the thought of climbing into a metal tube and hurtling through the air miles above anything solid is not particularly soothing. I’m not afraid, but I like to spend my flight time distracted by a good book so I don’t get too […]

Seussian Rhyme

Per my usual birthday tradition, I am posting a short story. This is one I wrote last year, but hasn’t seen the light of day outside a small writing challenge contest. I was really trying to stretch myself in a new direction. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t, but it was fun to […]

Travel Anxiety

Last year I decided that this year had to be different. I decided that some important family events had to go onto the calendar first. So I took my permanent marker and wrote down some family things in red. I followed this up by making airline and hotel reservations which could not easily be canceled. […]

Snippets from a Sunday Afternoon

Kiki did not go to her church youth class today. Instead she stayed with me to attend the adult class. Of late she has been feeling a disconnect with the youth group. She has no close friends there, and she is far more emotionally mature than most of her peers. It was nice for her […]

Life the Universe and Everything Symposium at BYU

The Life the Universe and Everything The Doc Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Symposium is an annual event held on BYU campus in Provo UT. This year it will be held Feb 11-13. It is Free to attend. I highly recommend it to anyone who lives nearby and has an interest in genre fiction. I […]

Getting ready to print

Our printer called us this afternoon. They were worried about us because it has been over six months since we printed books with them. The call was to see if they could win back our business. We assured them that we are completely pleased with their services and that we intend to be printing again […]