The naming of seals and other responsibilities

I am currently participating in the very serious business of naming a stuffed seal. It has to be a good name, but it can’t end in the long e sound because most of his other stuffed animals have names that end that way. (Yoshi, stripey, etc.)

This activity is very much in keeping with how the rest of today has been. I told my tired kids that they would have to muddle through school, mentioning responsibility and such. Then I went home and went back to bed. I am such a hypocrite. I did not even take a timer with me to wake me up so I could get some work done.

Almost four hours later I woke to the sound of the telephone, but was too lazy to answer it. I eventually rolled out of bed and came downstairs to discover that Howard had cleaned up the kitchen and brought me flowers from Sam’s club. There was a note. I just about cried. Then I opened the fridge to discover that he’d also bought me guacamole. There was a second note.

I never did get around to doing any of the work things I’d scheduled for myself. I answered no email, shipped no packages, did no page layout. Instead I watched David Tennant’s final performance as The Doctor. (Tennant was excellent, but the script was lacking. There were a couple of good character moments though.)

I did locate enough responsibility to retrieve the kids from school and to require Link to do his homework. I even microwaved some chicken nuggets for dinner. Although that was late.

Now we’re doing bedtime and my son is writing in his journal. He wants to write a story about this stuffed seal, but the old name (sealie) won’t do because of that pesky long e sound at the end. Ah. He tells me he’s got it. The seal is named Faster. Bedtime may progress.

Perhaps tomorrow I can locate my misplaced motivation and sense of responsibility.