Hoping for an emptier week

In hindsight I can see that last week was hard. I was attempting to re-regulate the schedules and biorythms of four immature persons while simultaneously managing a work load that had heavy concentration requirements. A couple of the kids were also a little under the weather, which helped nothing. BUT the huge pile of beginning-of-the-year accounting is done. I completed the photo book that I intend as a gift at the end of the month. I even pulled together the layout for the Hugo reader pdf for the eligible Schlock book. (Longshoreman of the Apocalypse. Howard will be posting a link to it once he’s had a chance to approve what I created.) No wonder I burned out hard on Thursday and I’ve had something of an unfocused weekend.

I’m still seeking a good work/life balance. Since I am the one who assigns me the work, one would think it wouldn’t be so hard. Hopefully I’ll be more balanced this week.