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February 2010
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Howard’s Birthday

Howard’s birthday falls into the thin sliver of time between today and tomorrow. He was born on leap day. When he tells people this fact, they often nod and give out an enlightened “Oh” as if the quadri-annual nature of his birthday explains something about him that had puzzled them. It is as if the […]

Returning Home after a day away

“Mom, I missed you.” says a sleepy Patch as I hug him in his bed. I’ve been gone for most of the day, wearing nice clothes, having grown-up conversations, smiling at new people. “I missed you too.” I murmur as I wrap my arms all the away around him. He is small enough that I […]

Finding and Fixing

Howard sat on the couch and I lounged in the comfy chair across from him. We were having a meeting to figure out the shape of today. The original plan for the day had to be altered because Howard’s drawing hand is hurting. It is hurting a lot and therefore needs to rest. This rules […]

Purple for a gray day

Today contained: A very stressed and tired Howard. He is pushing himself hard to get the bonus story done. I spent several hours being an assistant in his office. I must say that this bonus story is the best one Howard has ever done. But there is lots of work left to do.

Gleek and […]

Pushing Limits and Plugging Leaks

Children go through regular developmental stages where they are pushing limits and challenging those around them. It is a natural response to brain development. The brain growth lets them view the world in new ways. The new perspectives lead them to ask knew questions and to wonder if that limit is really a limit, or […]

A Snowy Walk to Church

The snow was one of those ultra-fine powders that is a mere glitter in the air rather than proper snow flakes. Not much had accumulated. There was a bare fraction of an inch coating the ground as I left to walk to church. I was late, Howard and the kids had gone ahead of me. […]

Association for Mormon Letters Annual Meeting

Next Saturday I’ll be attending the Association for Mormon Letters Annual Meeting at the Utah Valley University library. AML is an organization older than I am, but I only learned about it a few weeks ago when a friend asked my permission to use my blog as an example in a presentation she is doing […]

A net of hair

This is the net with which Gleek and I managed to catch a better day yesterday. I’m glad it worked the way we hoped.

As for everything else, today is Friday. I’ll think about it later.

The makings of a better day

Yesterday was a bad day for Gleek. It was an epically bad day. It was a day which resulted in a calm down time in the principal’s office, a visit to the time out room, a phone call home, and her teacher walking out to the car to speak with me for a few minutes […]

Loose thoughts rattling around a tired brain

A duck sails smoothly across the pond, but under the water it is all a mad chaos of paddling. What we see does not always match the experience. Sometimes an aching arm indicates a larger posture problem rather than an arm problem. All of this is particularly true when dealing with psychology, particularly the psychology […]