Rearranging furniture

My primary mission for Friday was helping Link prepare and pack for his klondike campout. So naturally I ended up standing in the girl’s room pondering the mess. My brain does that. I tell it “we’re going to focus on this” and it jumps off to chase something shiny which is either tangential or perpendicular. The high-energy creative juices were flowing, so I alternated between klondike packing and re-arranging the furniture in the girl’s room. I shopped for organizational shelving when I was supposed to be shopping for wool socks and long underwear.

By 5 pm Link was off on his camping trip and the girl’s room was reorganized. And I was tired. Really, really tired. But despite my tiredness it was hard to stop going. There were internet things, and dish things, and kids to put to bed. It wasn’t until 10 pm when Kiki and I finally sat down to watch Fiddler on the Roof, which was a date we’d planned days ago. We did not get through all of it. It is a long movie and we stopped at the entre acte. We’ll finish it sometime today. I must say I’m really impressed at what a good film it is. Kiki and I got to talk religion, and tradition, and what makes a good marriage, and history, and culture.

I expect today to be slower. I need today to be slower.