Rows of small things

First there was the making of breakfast (which included pancakes) and the bustle of getting kids off to school. This was followed by dishes and laundry because I’m currently in a “I must be better about keeping the house clean” cycle. Then I sat at my computer for hours to do accounting, tax preparation, shipping label printing, email, and journey round my usual internet pit stops. There was a break during which I left my desk to package orders and carry them to the mailbox. All that was followed by a business meeting with Howard during which I pondered the re-structuring of the schedule for the year yet again. At that point my business hours were over because it was time to retrieve kids.

Link arrived in the car spouting details about the class over night camp he gets to attend later this week. Gleek had discovered how to blow balls of paper through a rolled paper tube. Patch wanted to tell me about science. We all clattered home and waded through the various negotiations over video game turns, during which I trumped everyone and sent them outside to play in the sunshine. I kept Kiki company while she did her homework. Howard took Link to the gym. We had a family dinner and family home evening. Then there was bedtime.

This is my life in February. My days are filled up with endless rows of small things which need to be done. Mostly they are happy things or at least things that I do to support happy things. I think this current state of affairs is going to last until at least the end of February.

I remember as a child and teen feeling like my life had fallen into a rut, that I was doing the same sorts of things day after day. I never feel that way anymore. I’m far more likely to think longingly about achieving a quiet routine. I wonder if that is because of the life we have chosen, or if it is just a function of being the grown up in charge of the schedule.