Purple for a gray day

Today contained:
A very stressed and tired Howard. He is pushing himself hard to get the bonus story done. I spent several hours being an assistant in his office. I must say that this bonus story is the best one Howard has ever done. But there is lots of work left to do.

Gleek and Patch management. They were both inclined to melt down today.

I had to explain to 3 different kids that words are a better way to communicate desires than grunting, whining, and gesturing.

Unpleasant news from the our tax accountant, with attendant chores for me which may or may not make a difference. Guilt because I did not foresee and prevent this bad news.

Snow and gray skies.

So. I needed flowers today. This is the second bunch I brought home in my camera.

California Trip 034

On the up side:
I got all the laundry done and the house is relatively clean. I got to spend time in the Schlockiverse doing book layout. I also spent time in Fereldan and Faravel. I love having a brain that can take me elsewhere even when my body has to stay put.

Some of the upset from Gleek was because she wanted to make Patch feel better and I needed her to not interfere with his consequences/emotional process. She really is a loving and sympathetic person.


I read several of my essays out loud to Howard. Each time he said “That’s a good one.” I know I was weighting things in my favor by picking out the best to read, but I could tell he meant it. That matters a lot. It made me realize how much I enjoy reading aloud my own work as well as the books of others. We may need to arrange readings for me at CONduit and Penguicon.