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March 2010
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I want a pause button

What I really want today is to pause everything and go nap for three hours. Or I want to pause everything and go garden for hours, except the snow makes this one unlikely today. However if I could have paused the day before yesterday to garden, that would have been great. I just want everything […]

Small good things which were not foreseen for today

Popcorn made with oil over the stove then stirred with butter and salt. Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. Sherlock Holmes watched while snuggling kids. A good afternoon.

Fragmented thoughts on a busy Monday

I’m living in a world of post-it notes. Almost every available space on my computer hutch has a note plastered to it. I have notes pasted to a copy-edited version of RMS, which I need to enter into InDesign. I have notes about Penguicon, and Balticon, and GenCon. I’m starting to acquire notes about events […]

On Pants, Shopping, and Transformation

“Standing in front of the dressing room mirror is such a reality check.” Melinda said as she handed over a stack of clothes she would not be buying. I agreed as I handed over my stack too. We each retained one shirt. Pants were what we’d come to find.

In most fairy tales and many […]

By the clock

On school mornings I wrest the covers off of my children one at a time. Then I go around and do it again because they all groan and pull them back on. (Except for Kiki. She gets up and gets herself ready.) Eventually I prod them down to breakfast. Then they meander their way toward […]

Scheduling and Email

Here I am at Thursday and some of my Monday things are still yet to do. This is normal, but I sigh over it. More worrisome is the fact that March only has six days left and I still have a long list of March things. I am endlessly sprinting to try to catch up […]

In search of pants

The time has come for new pants. My old pants still fit, although loosely. They aren’t worn out, just worn down a bit. But styles have shifted. My awareness has shifted. And I would like to have some pants that contribute to a feeling of competence and attractiveness rather than just being serviceable. I want […]

Allowance, Chores, and Ice Cream

It began with Ned and his yo-yo show assembly. The kids came home from school amazed and filled with longing to purchase yo-yos. Patch was the only child who had enough money, but Gleek and Link conferenced with him. They hammered out an agreement which got yo-yos for everyone. This worked by Patch paying out […]

On my steps today

Sometimes it does not take much to make the day feel happy.

Rambling Observations on a Sunday Afternoon

We had developed a pattern. On Sunday afternoons the kids would all dash home from church and run straight for the video games and spend the rest of the day glued to them. Despite the fact that they collectively spent five or more hours playing, there were always shouts of “But I didn’t get a […]