Reluctant Party Planner

Over the past 14 years and four children I have planned and run upwards of 20 children’s birthday parties. The novelty has worn off. This is one of those not-fair-to-the-youngest-child things. Kiki had a mother who was thrilled to run a party for seven year olds. Patch has a mother who would rather not. This is how we arrived at 8:30 am on the day of the party and the only accomplished party task was “deliver invitations.” I had five and a half hours to clean house and plan how to occupy nine children for two hours. I dredged my memories and reconfigured the party plan I used for Link’s birthday about three years ago. We acquired a cake and prizes from the store, did some last minute adjustments to Patch’s request and the party guests arrived.

Parties never go completely smoothly. They just don’t. Hosting a party is all about lightning fast adjustments and forced judgment calls. Tears are nigh inevitable when children are involved. At least this time none of the guests were the ones crying. Poor Patch has a low tolerance for noisy chaos. This is something I need to keep in mind when planning birthdays for him in the future. But it all ended up well. Patch found a quiet space once we reached the cartoons and he told me that it was a really great party. I’m glad my little guy got the party he wanted. Everyone had a good time and I’m not in charge of any more birthdays until September. Time to go collapse for awhile.