Slow day, snow day

I do not like it when frozen water falls out of the sky on the day after a springish day. It is like the weather is taunting me. Except that I know it can’t possibly be personal. Perhaps today’s snow was meant to delight some child and only inconvenienced me in passing. Or perhaps it is simply to water the spring bulbs which have just begun to poke up in my flower beds. I can be glad for the wet on behalf of the flowers.

What I’ve had much more trouble doing was accomplishing anything concrete today. It was a day full of internet browsing, and book reading, and staring at nothing in particular while my brain wandered. I puttered around in little mental circles. I know such days are necessary. I need to have days where I am not running, where instead I am processing. I would feel more like I was accomplishing something if it were more organized, but it is not. My brain wanders through the same paths multiple times. The same thoughts dance across my brain. Occasionally the dances create connections and I have short moments of focus during which I write notes. That happened once today. Mostly today was a day of resting. A day when I had several hours which were completely child and business free. It would have been nice if the weather had invited me outdoors during those hours rather than encouraging me to stay hunkered down at home under blankets.