I want a pause button

What I really want today is to pause everything and go nap for three hours. Or I want to pause everything and go garden for hours, except the snow makes this one unlikely today. However if I could have paused the day before yesterday to garden, that would have been great. I just want everything to stop rushing forward so that I have time to finish something before the next thing is already due. I’d just be happy if I could finish a bunch of little things so that they could stop tugging at my attention and making me feel fragmented.

If I actually had a pause button. I would abuse it terribly and I would grow old before my time. Perhaps instead I should wish to multiply myself. That way I could get everything done on schedule. Unfortunately if I could multiply myself, I would probably still be over scheduled because I would expect my multiples to accomplish more than they reasonably can. I would just do more instead of relaxing more.

So it seems I need to figure this out with just my lone little self, dragged ever forward through time. I should probably start by putting down the blogging and getting more work done.