Day: March 16, 2010

Working, chasing squirrels, and sitting in the sun

Thus far it has been a week of lists, emails, contracts, layout adjustments, essays, homework, and chores. I’ve been running on high energy and getting lots of stuff done. It is fun to start the day with a long list of tasks and to check them off by mid-afternoon. It is also tiring. Days like these tend to run long and so I end up short on sleep.

Today this meant that my brain fizzled out by 1 pm and I lay down for a nap. Unfortunately, fizzled out is not at all the same as relaxed. I lay still, hoping for sleep to arrive, but my brain was like an over-excited puppy in a field full of ground squirrel thoughts. It would chase after a thought, yapping happily, until suddenly the thought vanished and I was left staring at a hole where the squirrel had been. But the field was full of thought squirrels to chase, so my brain was never still for long. There was lots of running, and at the end there was nothing to show for it. Not restful.

What was restful, was wandering outside to sit on my neighbor’s front porch in the sunshine. We all sat and talked for an hour while the children flocked from house to house. I do not think it is a coincidence that I found my happy effective mojo just as the weather turned sunny and mild. I love spring.