Scheduling and Email

Here I am at Thursday and some of my Monday things are still yet to do. This is normal, but I sigh over it. More worrisome is the fact that March only has six days left and I still have a long list of March things. I am endlessly sprinting to try to catch up to my own plans. I really do try to build spaces into the schedule. I try plan ahead and give myself room to add things last minute. Because some things will be forever gone if you don’t take time for them. Other things will not go anywhere, and in fact will laying in depressing heaps until you manage to shovel them out of the way. The trick is recognizing when a heapish thing is masquerading as vanishing thing. Or vice versa. It happens more often than you might think.

The other thing that is bothering me today is my turn around time on email. I used to answer email in 24 hours or less. That is not happening anymore. Some of it is a function of quantity. More of it is lack of space in my brain. I have to find time to compose answers. Sometimes the answers pop into my brain as soon as I read the message. Other times I read through the piles of back email and realize that an important message has been languishing for days because I needed time to compose and then I got distracted.

Time for me to go organize something and hope it will help me find my ability to focus.