Association for Mormon Letters Annual Meeting

Next Saturday I’ll be attending the Association for Mormon Letters Annual Meeting at the Utah Valley University library. AML is an organization older than I am, but I only learned about it a few weeks ago when a friend asked my permission to use my blog as an example in a presentation she is doing for the meeting. Intrigued, I wandered over to the AML website and discovered a thriving community of people who are examining the intersection of art and LDS beliefs/culture. That intersection is fascinating to me since I live there.

I poked around for a bit and realized that it is going to take me a very long time to get through the website. This is not light reading, but already I have found several blog posts which have given me new thoughts to think. I love having new thoughts to think. One of the blog posts I read was James Goldbergs’ post where he talks about the annual meeting. I read that post and realized that I wanted to attend. I want to hear some of these conversations and maybe dip my toes the conversational pool.

I am particularly interested in the presentations about online writing, since that is most of the writing I do. Naturally I’m curious to hear what my friend has to say about my blog, One Cobble at a Time. First I have to decide whether my being there would be awkward for her or for me. So if you’re in the Provo/Orem area; and you’re interested in art created by, for, or about LDS culture and faith; you might want to make time in your schedule for the AML Annual Meeting next Saturday.

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