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February 2010
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The Road from Traditional to Modern

For much of our marriage Howard and I split the family work load along very traditional lines. Howard worked at a corporate job, I tended house and children. I sometimes felt self-conscious about this. I knew our decisions were right for our family, but a part of me felt bad that I had been given […]

Recovery Day

My facebook status this morning declared my intention to practice a lack of ambition and to sleep. So far so good. Aside from communicating with some people via the internet, I have done nothing today which resembles work. On a normal day this would be worrisome, but I can’t even muster the energy for a […]

Promise to Patch

Patch woke up sad this morning. He came to breakfast fairly willingly, but ran back to bed right afterward. I found him there, curled into a little ball under his covers.

“What’s the matter kiddo?” I asked. He looked at me with his big blue eyes, but did not answer. I climbed into bed with […]

LTUE a success, but now I am tired

Conventions are wonderful and exhausting. I always come home thrumming with thoughts to process. So much is packed into such a short span of time that it is a bit overwhelming. To give you an idea, I present this incomplete description pulled from the experiences of the last two days.

Attending a convention is:

Carting […]

Leaving LTUE for the day

It was time for me to go home, but I did not want to leave. The day’s symposium schedule was only half complete. I had half a dozen conversations begun and interrupted. I wanted to stay. I wanted to visit with my friends and meet new people. But the school day was ending and I […]

Creature of habit

Two weeks ago the sign on the front of our local Albertson’s store was removed and Ridley’s Family Market was hung in its place. I stopped going to the store. This was not because I’d heard anything bad about Ridleys, or because I felt an obligation to the vanished Albertsons. It wasn’t even that I […]

The voices in my head discuss the possibility of cookies

I’m hungry. I want to eat cookies.

We don’t have any cookies.

You could make cookies.

There is no reason to make cookies. Besides they aren’t healthy.

Cookies don’t need a reason.

If I made cookies without reasons, we would all get fat.

You turned tax stuff over to the accountant today. That’s a […]

Rows of small things

First there was the making of breakfast (which included pancakes) and the bustle of getting kids off to school. This was followed by dishes and laundry because I’m currently in a “I must be better about keeping the house clean” cycle. Then I sat at my computer for hours to do accounting, tax preparation, shipping […]

Flowers in February

I think that this cold February day should have some flowers in it. There were many flowers blooming in California during my trip. I knew I would need them later, so I brought them home in my camera.

Rearranging furniture

My primary mission for Friday was helping Link prepare and pack for his klondike campout. So naturally I ended up standing in the girl’s room pondering the mess. My brain does that. I tell it “we’re going to focus on this” and it jumps off to chase something shiny which is either tangential or perpendicular. […]