Children filming video

My children have discovered the joy of recording video. We now have a series of short films featuring stuffed animals who shout dialogue while moving around too close to the camera. The quality of the video improves when the camera person is not also the puppeteer and the voice talent. But then we have directorial squabbles over camera control. Thus far they are content to just shoot the video and watch it on the computer. At some point we may have to venture into the wilds of video editing.

I’m pleased with these forays into film making. I like seeing Link engaged in creating things. I also like Gleek having something to do. We need things to do in January. The house always feels over full. I need to put some time and energy into supporting the amateur film makers. Perhaps I could help them craft scripts or provide a tripod so that they have the option of a steady shot to go with the shaky cam.