Snippets from a Sunday Afternoon

Kiki did not go to her church youth class today. Instead she stayed with me to attend the adult class. Of late she has been feeling a disconnect with the youth group. She has no close friends there, and she is far more emotionally mature than most of her peers. It was nice for her to get to listen to adults talking about spiritual struggles and topics so that she could see how mature people handle these issues, rather than having to deal with the way that immature people avoid these issues. I got to see how much she really does believe in the same things that I do, once they are separated from conflicting emotions about peers. Also she drew a beautiful picture which encapsulated the lesson, a testimony in an image.

I leave for California on Wednesday. I’m not ready yet. But today I finally wrote out a list of things I need to do to get ready. It is not all that long. Now I just need to do them. Then I get to escape my regular round of things-to-do for about 5 days. It will be good to get away. It will also be good to come back.

Kiki is having yearbook dread. She is on the committee and they have reached the point of looming deadlines. She also has some assignments which require her to interview and photograph peers who are not her best friends. These things are outside her comfort zone and she does not want to do them. My job is to listen and sympathize and help her see that the only way out is through. She chose this experience and she is going to learn a lot about how projects work. If she quits now she will only have the hard experiences without having the joy of completion.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a very well written movie. It does an excellent job of fulfilling the promises it makes at the beginning of the film. I laughed out loud many times and I generally don’t laugh out loud at entertainment. I also love how instead of the geeky girl being a pretty girl in disguise it was the other way around.