Buying Rakes

“Want to come shopping with me?” I asked.

Gleek scowled. “Where are you going?” She’d just been tangled in an argument with her brothers and was not feeling charitable with anyone. The argument had erupted just as I was gathering my wallet and keys to head out the door. Leaving three happily playing children is one thing, leaving three shouting children is completely different. I’d paused my departure to resolve the conflict first. The removal of Gleek seemed like the best solution to allow everyone to cool down. Also I’d been feeling that Gleek needed some one-on-one time.

“I’m going to go buy rakes.” I filled my voice with campy enthusiasm.

Gleek looked at me with a disbelieving deadpan face. “Rakes?”

“Yes, rakes.” I grinned even wider.

“Why are we buying rakes?” Her level stare slipped and showed a tinge of curiosity.

“We need to rake the grass clippings off the lawn. Also, rakes are cool.” I did my best Doctor Who impression as I mimed straightening a bow tie. “Rakes are cool, just like bow ties are cool.”

Gleek has watched quite a lot of Doctor Who. She did a marvelous eye roll which at once conveyed: I get it Mom, but its not funny. You are just weird in a mom way. Except that the corners of her mouth quirked up just a bit, altering the effect of the eye roll.

“That was an awesome eye roll.” I said to Gleek. Then I turned to Howard who happened to be standing nearby. “Where did she learn eye rolling like that?”

“It comes in the tween kit.” Howard answered.

“If I went shopping with you, could we buy cookies?” Gleek asked.

“I think that could be arranged.” I answered.

Thus Gleek and I embarked upon a rake and cookie buying adventure. We came home with two leaf rakes, a garden rake, a hummingbird feeder, a small spade, cookies, and gum. All the non-rake purchases were a direct result of Gleek’s excellent wheedling and rationalization skills. I didn’t mind though, because we also brought home two smiling faces.

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