Rescuing My Yard

I don’t need a weed eater for my yard. I need a scythe. I don’t have a scythe, unfortunately, so I am making the best of the tools I have to rescue our yard from four years of neglect. One of the tools that I have this year is minions. Two Saturdays in a row I have rousted them out of bed in the cool of morning and made them do yard work. They were not pleased, but they did good work. I love that they are old enough to get the work done while they grumble about it. With five of us working the yard recovery progress is easily measurable. I enjoy walking out on to the back deck now. I’ve spent three years avoiding my deck because it was surrounded by things to do.

Usually when I get bitten by the gardening bug it is in spring. I get enthusiastic, do some weeding, plant some flowers, and then run out of steam by July. In July and August the grass and weeds take over. September finds me back out doors making a few feeble attempts to beat back the grass. October gets cold and everything goes dormant for the winter. This year feels different. I’m starting in July and I’m thinking long-term. My goal is to prepare the yard and the flower beds so that September can be full of planting. I’m turning some former gardening spaces back into lawn. I may even get the deck and playset stained. If I can accomplish all of that I will have proved to myself that I can maintain what we’ve got. Then maybe I can get a gazebo for my wisteria vines to climb on.

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