Notes on Having Dental Work Done

It helps to have a personable dentist who is willing to explain alarming noises and devices.

That shot of Novocaine may also contain epinephrin. This can trigger an increased heart rate and tremors, which feel quite like the beginning stages of an anxiety/panic attack. That part was not useful or helpful when I was attempting to relax. The numbing was critical though.

The fact that they are miniature does not make me less nervous about the power tools in my mouth.

There is a special light which is used to make fillings set. It shone blue and sounded like a hair dryer.

They can make a piece to fit into a tooth in mere minutes. Then they fit it into the hole they carved out.

Expect to find bits left in the mouth after returning home.

Ibuprofen is my friend, but the post-dental-work ache is much better than the intermittent stabbing pain of decaying tooth.

Hopefully tomorrow my chewing will be back to normal.