Much More of this and I’ll Need to Find a Trash Can to Live In

Things which went wrong today:

Kiki was sick and stayed home from school.

FedEx came when no one was home.

A piece of Howard’s car came loose.

The dishwasher lost yet another screw.

Son’s book order was rejected because I put cash in the envelope instead of a check.

The color proofs for Blackness Between showed a color fix which needed to be made.

Construction on the road blocked the turn to my kids’ school.

Things which are now fixed:

Took Kiki to the doctor, we now have antibiotics for her bronchitis.

FedEx stopped by again because I called and asked them to.

Howard’s car is now in the shop.

My drill put the screws back in the dishwasher.

My daughter’s book order has the same books as my son’s. I’ve resubmitted with a check this time.

I sent the color fix to the printer and Blackness Between is back on track.

Defying the construction, I drove down the road and made a U-turn to retrieve my children.

Now if only I could ditch the unreasonable amount of crankiness that this small list of things-gone-wrong-but-now-fixed engendered. I guess some days are just grouchy.