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September 2011
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Busy week

I have spent most of the last two days shipping packages. This is good because it means people have been buying our merchandise. However it means that I’ve fallen behind on almost everything else. Perhaps tomorrow I can catch up.

Notes on Having Dental Work Done

It helps to have a personable dentist who is willing to explain alarming noises and devices.

That shot of Novocaine may also contain epinephrin. This can trigger an increased heart rate and tremors, which feel quite like the beginning stages of an anxiety/panic attack. That part was not useful or helpful when I was attempting […]

Picking up the Pieces

Here at Chez Tayler life shifts rhythm pretty often. We have the over lapping cycles of school and summer; book preparation and book release; and convention preparations and clean up. These various cycles interact with each other and wreak havoc on my attempts to create helpful life patterns. When our lives shift problems are both […]

Toddlers in Tiaras and Parenting

In between all the cleaning I did yesterday, I watched some episodes of Toddlers in Tiaras a documentary/reality show that was filmed for TLC about child beauty pageants. Documentary film interests me not only for the stated subject matter of the show, but also because of the semi-invisible hand of the film crews and the […]

I Think I Need a Cookie to go with This Milk

It began with the pencil drawer. Through attrition it had turned into a “why can I never find a pencil in this” drawer. So I dumped the thing out and sorted it. Then the drawer was lovely and neat, but the kitchen counter had piles of all the things I had taken out of it. […]

Multiple Choice Parenting

1. Gleek lays on the couch with tears in the corners of her eyes. “I don’t want to go to New School anymore. I want to go back to Old School!”

A. I feel guilty and worried about what I have done to her, and wonder if I have made the right choice. B. I […]

Up Keep

I went to the dentist today for the first time in *mumble* years. I’m not trying to be coy about how long. I honestly don’t remember. It was probably about the time that our dental insurance ceased to exist and that was at least six years ago. I am fortunate to have pretty good teeth. […]

I Fear the Day When Internet Drama Lands in My Lap

Most days I come to my office and quietly browse through my regular rounds of internet stops. I check email. I post to twitter or Google+. Often I write a blog entry. I’ve built a nice little space on the internet which I inhabit and from which I can venture and sample the other things […]

Traditional Roles for Women

I’ve been thinking about the traditional roles women take. It is a familiar train of thought. This new round of consideration was triggered by a book and a show, but quickly drew me to re-examine other books and shows which address the same topic.

I saw a Netflix ad for Mad Men, which is a […]

Rites of Passage

I’ve heard it bemoaned that American culture is lacking in rites of passage. I find this amusing as it seems like my oldest daughter, Kiki’s, life is currently made of mile markers. She turned 16 last May, which means she is now old enough to date. We’re working on driving practice so that she can […]