Pleasant Things

Today the world felt peaceful and lovely. I am still aware of the pandemic, it still shapes many of my choices about how to spend my day, but I’m not mired in fear or anxiety. I’ll take it and appreciate today for what it is. Tomorrow, or next week’s problems can be dealt with later. In no particular order here are some nice things from today:
I found both toilet paper and yeast at the grocery store today.
I succeeded at making sourdough bread.
I dropped off a loaf on my daughter’s porch so she can have some too.
My adult son who lives with us spent some of his stimulus check on a VR headset, he and his brother have both been having a blast getting exercise and playing together.
My 17yo made homemade hamburgers for himself and his 19yo sibling.
When I took a walk I saw a lawn covered in bright yellow dandelion flowers and bright purple grape hyacinths.
On a different lawn there were dandelion puffs perfectly catching the light.
The weather is beautiful and invites me to step outside.
The first two cabinets arrived today and another batch will arrive tomorrow so then the project to finish cabinets can start in earnest.
I’m glad to have a day with a list of pleasant things in it.