The other night Howard pointed out that since I’ve started this live journal I’ve been online a lot more. That combined with Gleeks plea for mommy to “Stop looking at your computer!” has given me food for thought.

Live Journal has definitely altered my online habits some. But I actually think the fact that the kids are out of school for the summer has more to do with my increased online time. The unstructured nature of summertime means that while I have more “free” time, less actually gets done. If I have all day to do one thing, it probably won’t get done. If I have 10 things to do and only 2 hours, I’ll probably do them all and maybe one or two more besides. It is all a matter of focus.

In the winter I KNOW I don’t have time to run downstairs and do online stuff more than twice a day. In the summer I’m online more often than that.

I just need to make being online my reward for getting stuff done.

5 thoughts on “Online”

  1. You get 10 minutes…

    When you get something done…

    Triple points when you help someone else get something done…

    *smirks, winks, and runs off*

  2. I’ve been told by friends who also have kids about Gleek’s age that it’s probably easier to keep them in the same room as you and involved in something, at least if you’re only on an hour or two each day, to let them know that you haven’t forgotten about them. However, since both Gleek AND Howard have mentioned that you’ve been online more… maybe it’s time to start timing yourself and tracking your online habits. I’d suggest a quick journal or scratchpad just to keep track of your weekly habits in that sense, and seeing how things go from there.

  3. For every task you get done, you can spend as much time online as you spent copmleting the task. Sort of like the kids reading for prizes. Heh, heh.

  4. Good Idea (yes I’m biased)

    > I just need to make being online my reward for getting stuff done.

    Heh. That’s how I manage juggling school, button business, housewife and online stuff. I make a list of things that have to be done before going online. Usually it works – that’s why I disappear for a week or two here or there.

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