Perceptions of Daddy

Today both Link and Gleek made me laugh out loud. I just have to share.

We were in the car and Link spied a Volkswagen Beetle the same green color as Howard’s. He said: “A green buggy! It’s not Schlock though so it’s not Dad. It must be Dad’s friend.”

Gleek was watching a movie and then cried out with indignation and a scowl: “Dads are not with hair!”

2 thoughts on “Perceptions of Daddy”

  1. ‘Dads are not with hair!’ Heheheh… ah, it’s nice to see that Howard’s made such an impression on the younger ones. 😀

    Interesting sort of logic being displayed by Gleek, too. I wonder what Gleek thinks about Patrick Stewart?

  2. ROFL

    Obviously, Daddy is friends with everyone who drives green beatles!

    Glink’s a sharp little girl, she caught on right away. You didn’t even have to explain that the person with hair was just an actor pretending to be a Daddy?

    Thanks for sharing.

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