Eleven Years

Tomorrow (August 5th) is the Eleventh aniversary of Howard and my wedding. We’ve decided to go with tradition and celebrate it by mostly ignoring it. I do mean traditional, we totally missed our first aniversary because we were too busy painting our house. After that it seemed a little silly to make a fuss over the other ones.

I know it isn’t fashionable not to make a big fuss out of an aniversery. Hallmark would have us believe that it is downright sinful not to buy a card. Florists hawk their flowers. Chocolateries push thier candies. But I’ve always felt that consumerism cheapens a holiday or event. Gifts should be heartfelt expressions of love, it’s the love that matters, not the gift. Last year Howard bought me a McGriddle and took the day off work. That was a great anniversary present because it showed to me that he was thinking of me and what I’d like.

This year Howard is spending the day on the other side of the continent. Somehow I don’t think he’ll be surprising me by showing up at the door with a McGriddle. It doesn’t matter, because he tells me he loves me daily. We laugh and talk and share daily. Doing that stuff daily demonstrates Howard’s love for me far better than a big once-a-year effort possibly could.

That said, I miss him and I wish he were here. Happy Aniversary Honey!

10 thoughts on “Eleven Years”

  1. Congratulations on the wedding anniversary, you two. 😀

    Though, on my side, I always thought a hug and a kiss was a good way to start the day, anniversary-side… but that’s just me.

  2. Congrats!

    Anniversaries are just another day and just another opportunity to show your affection. It sounds like you’ve never had a problem showing affection, so you don’t really need to do anything “special” for the anniversary…. definitely no need to make a big fuss over it all.

  3. He might not show up with one…

    But if he has someone deliver said McGriddle, I’m gonna buy that man a… ummm… Cup of coffee?


    Congrats, and You two are proof that the concept of marriage can work…

    You give me hope, you two…

  4. Happy Anniversary from and me!

    (I’m sure he’d send his own wishes if he was able to, but he is without net access until Sunday. I don’t know how you handle things so well with Howard being gone for so many trips – Strange leaves once a year for 5-6 days and I fall apart!)

    Best wishes for many more happy years!

  5. Sad to say, but humans adapt to almost any conditions, even the frequent absense of loved ones. He usually calls me every night which alleviates the “I need to talk to him” feelings, but even after so much practice, going to bed knowing I’m the only adult in the house is a little lonely and a little scary.

    Thanks for the well wishes from both you and Dave. Hang in there, he’ll be home soon.

  6. I think the going to bed alone part is the worst. Being alone in the house while I’m awake is alright. It’s when I lay down that I am very acutely aware of the loneliness. I have to sleep with the light on when he’s gone, otherwise every little noise scares me to death.

    Although last night, I did nearly off one of our cats by mistake – I was soundly asleep when one of them landed on me as he jumped on the bed. I came up swingin’! I don’t know who was more freaked out! =)

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