Archive Entrapment

This morning I had a few quiet minutes and so I poked my nose into the Schlock Mercenary archive for a few minute amusement. An hour later I’d gone through several months of comics and was nearly late for a dentist’s appointment.

I LIVE with Schlock how can it possibly still be click-compulsive entertainment for me?!

7 thoughts on “Archive Entrapment”

  1. Pop Psychology on Demand!

    (not that I actually paid any attention in psychology classes) … two suggested reasons:

    1) Browsing the archives is like visiting an old friend. Comfortable, fun, predictable.

    2) The passing of time makes it easier to sit back and enjoy the comic as a reader. You were involved in the creation process, which gives a slightly different viewpoint. You’re looking at the archived stuff as a Reader, not as a Creator. It’s fresh from a Reader standpoint.

    Like anyone jumping in and offering an explanation, I’m probably way off base here 🙂

  2. Because your husband is such an amazing storyteller… like a favorite book, you can be captivated even when you’ve read it before, even when you know what’s coming.

  3. Around here I’m notorious for re-reading my favorite books. (You’re reading Bujold AGAIN?!) I suspect that a print version of Schlock will be a well worn favorite around here.

  4. Mmm…. one more thing to push for, including Schlock beanie chairs to sit in. A green amorphously shaped pile to lounge on reading Schlock Mercenary: the Dead Tree edition. 😉

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