Arrival Indianapolis

Two plane rides and three airports, the only thing out of the ordinary was watching the kids react with wonder at travel details that Howard and I consider routine. That part was fun. I like it when my travel day is adventureless, because it is tiring enough all by itself.

The kids got their first experience of muggy weather. It rained this morning and then was hot this afternoon, the result was soupy. My desert born and bred children were a bit surprised to discover that hot could also be very wet.

We’ve settled into the hotel room, set some ground rules for cleanliness, and walked the convention center to plan for tomorrow. That is when the work begins. I’ve told the kids to expect the work to be hot, tiring, boring, and busy. On Thursday there will be games and excitement.

The very best part of the day was going out to dinner with a pair of people who have been online friends for more than a decade. This was our very first chance to meet in person. I was very tired walking to the restaurant and worried that I would not be good company because of the fatigue. I discovered to my delight that we fell into familiar conversation as if all of us hung out in person on a regular basis. Which I suppose makes sense since we’ve hung out online for quite a long time. I would have loved to stay and talk for much longer, but the restaurant needed their table back and Link had grown bored with all the sitting and talking.

Next comes sleeping.