A Trio of Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I have succeeded in rummaging through everyone’s drawers and assembling a set of clothes that will look coordinated for a family photo tomorrow morning. The intelligent thing to do would have been to do the rummaging yesterday so that I could go shopping if necessary. But I was not ready to think about it yesterday. Instead we are loaning shirts to some family members and hoping that they will not retain the unpleasantness of loaned-shirt as the primary memory attached to the photo.

Patch woke up with a fever this morning. I discovered it after I was already dressed for church. So I sent everyone off without me, sent Patch back to bed, and sat down to have church at home. Mostly this involved reading scriptures, singing a hymn, and studying the lesson I would have heard if I had gone. The largest part of the time I spent writing a journal entry in my hand-written journal. That is the place I spill my rambling thoughts without editing. In my blog entries I try to retain some semblance of focus. In the paper journal I just spill my thoughts onto the page. Often I am surprise to see what lands on the page. Today the page was much covered with specific concerns for each child as they begin school. I also spent time contemplating my stalled writing projects. I reached no startling new conclusions. I just need to keep on going and hope that the path lays somewhat closer to my hopes than to my fears.

I have three social events this week and I actually have time and emotional energy to look forward to them. This is very nice.