Quick Thoughts Because I Have No Time For Long Ones

We ran a sale yesterday in celebration of Howard’s birthday. It was very well received. I now have almost 100 book bundles to make and 183 packages to mail. I expect this to absorb most of my energy for the next two days. Every hour I spend on this I will also spend feeling grateful because I now have enough money to pay all the bills between now and our next book shipping. Prior to the sale I’d been planning to pull from reserve funds to cover those months.

Voting is up over at Mormon Lit Blitz. There are some fine stories, poems, and essays available over there. If you want to read works written by Mormons to a Mormon audience, I highly recommend them. Then please vote for your favorites.

I bought Howard a floating shark for his birthday. We pulled it out and assembled it, but unfortunately we’re at 4500 feet and the helium was not strong enough to make the shark fly.

But then I got a bright idea. All the shark needed was a bit more lift. So we gave him some birthday balloons of his very own.

So we had this ominous shark swimming through our house sporting a pair of cheerful orange balloons. Yes he swims. There is a remote control to make his tail swish. We all took turns. This morning the shark is grounded again because the orange balloons deflated. This is okay. Howard has plans to take him to conventions that are closer to sea level.

And off to work I go.

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  1. An Air Shark for an 11 year old! All right, sounds perfect! And you can start making plans for the remoras for his next birthday.

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