Day: September 10, 2012

Organizing the To Do List

Yesterday I sorted all my thoughts for the week to come and I compiled a big To Do list. It was a list full of small tasks, most of which would only take me a couple of minutes to complete. The hard part was that these tasks were scattered across eight or nine different life roles. I had tasks for mother, business manager, shipper, writer, publicist, chauffeur, housekeeper, cook, gardener, exterminator, and a host of other roles. Sadly the process of switching from mother brain to marketing brain requires me to fold away one set of thoughts and pull out a different one. This means that even though I have to make quick phone calls in both roles, I have trouble grouping them together without getting distracted in the middle. One a good day, I can. Today was less focused than good. However I’ve accomplished enough so that tomorrow does not feel quite so overwhelming. I much prefer several large tasks to dozens of small ones.

League of Utah Writers Annual Round Up

This Saturday Howard and I will be attending the League of Utah Writers annual Round Up. I’m very excited. I get to be part of a panel discussion along with Howard, Brandon Sanderson, and Emily Sanderson. We’ll be talking about the crazy transition when suddenly the creative career becomes the only career and how that affects the family. Since Brandon, Emily, and Howard are among my favorite people it is going to be fun. I’m also eyeing some of the other sessions. They’ve got people talking about creative non-fiction, poetry, etc. It looks like there is a lot I can learn. If you’re interested in writing and have the time, the Round Up is a good place for you to be on Saturday.