Music Therapy

I carry a sonic mood alteration device in my pocket and I forget to use it. The device is my phone and it is fully capable of playing music. Or it is now that I’ve actually taken the trouble to put music onto it. I’ve always been very passive about music. I listened to the radio, or the mix tapes my friends made, or whatever was played by the DJ at the dance. I had definite preferences for what I liked, but I’ve never sought out music and claimed it for mine. Definitely not the way that Howard does. Last fall I spent time seeking visual things. This fall it looks like I’ll be curating my music collection. Because there is real power in music and I want my phone to be full of songs where I hear the first few notes and think “Oh I love this song!”

Also, the gym trips are much nicer when I get to pick the music. Today is much better than the last four days. I just need to keep moving.