Rejoicing in Mundanity

This morning I sent my kids out the door to school and none of the schools called me during the day. I turned off my parenting thoughts until time to pick them up. During those non-parenting hours I tackled email, accounting, and some layout work. I need another dozen non-parenting hours to catch up on all the work, but at least today showed me that such hours can actually exist. I’d begun to doubt.

In the afternoon Link arrived home from school wet because he chose to ride his bike today. Upon arriving home he created a motivational money-earning chart so that he and Patch can earn money to buy a Luigi’s Mansion game for the 3DS. Patch ran off to play with friends. Kiki napped longer than she meant to because the cat was quite determined to snuggle. Gleek signed up for Pottermore because all her friends said it was cool. I finally succeeded in buying fried chicken at the local grocery story. The last four times I’ve arrived just after someone else bought enough chicken for 10 people and they ran out.

In the evening we piled into the car to spend the evening with our Tayler cousins. Howard’s three siblings all live close now and we’ve begun gathering once per month. It is something we all enjoy.

There was nothing glorious or outstanding about today except the fact that it was all so very normal, and normal has felt in very short supply lately.