After storm, wind, and rain, the sun comes out to warm the world. At first the memory of the storm is strong and evidence of it abounds, but then things dry out and the air is so calm it becomes hard to believe that it used to thrash about. In the midst of calm, the storm is hard to believe, in the midst of storm, calm is what seems unbelievable.

This week has been calm. Finally. I’ve been busy all week, my days full of things, but it has all felt calm, which is a huge difference. And I find myself musing that I must have been blowing all the stress out of proportion. Mostly though, I’m just accepting the calm. It may be a gift of the vacation. It may be that all the steps we’ve taken have begun to have an effect. Maybe we would have hit this period of calm even without all my running around trying to make things better.

I’ll take it.