Glad for a Boring Work Day

Over the weekend both Howard and I had our eyes on today and hoped for normal. We wanted a boring work day during which nothing amazing or upsetting happened; a day when we could just put one foot in front of the other and be able to see significant progress by evening. I have now arrived at 7pm and that is the sort of day that I have had. Report from Howard’s drawing table tell a similar story. This feels like the first good work day we’ve had in weeks. I hardly dare hope that we can have two in a row, but I do hope for it.

I spent the day finishing copy edits and working layout for Cobble Stones 2012. I’ll review it tomorrow and then send it off to print. This means I’ll have copies with me at LDS Storymakers and they should be available online before that. Perhaps I’ll post the cover image tomorrow.

In family news: there isn’t much. Yay! No one had crises today, homework is being completed as I type. The kids appear to have been happy at school. At the end of the week I’ve got meetings with staff at two schools as I arrange for both Link and Gleek to transition smoothly up to the next school in line. I hope these can be routine paperwork meetings. That would be so very lovely to have a meeting where I had to haul myself all the way over just to be briefed on things I already know and to sign a paper saying that I’ve been briefed. Because the alternative is that the meetings will have new information and lately new information requires emotional management. I’ll note that this will not necessarily always be the case. Sometimes I’m interested and enlivened by new things, but in this context boring is good.

Perhaps this week we’ll finally find time to mow the lawn, fold the laundry, clean the bathrooms, and all the other things. That would be lovely.