As I looked ahead to this fall, I saw all sorts of empty space in my schedule. There were times where I considered filling some of that space with volunteering at the school, getting more involved with PTA, or running a home preschool for Patches. I didn’t do it though. I didn’t do it because I knew there would be days like today. Today I was stretched beyond my capabilities just to meet the needs in front of me.

Today Gleek was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to come inside from recess. I’m still hopeful that we are dealing with adjustment issues rather than long term behavioral problems, but no guarantees. I’ve got a rewards plan figured out, but I’ve got to run it by her teacher to see if she agrees.

Today Link had a meltdown with the kids in his carpool. He doesn’t want to ride with them in the morning and he really doesn’t want to walk home with them in the afternoon. After today, they don’t want to walk with him either. So I rearranged things.

Today Patches played with friends happily, got filthy dirty, was cranky during dinner, then fell asleep on the couch before I could bathe him. With copious amounts of help from Howard, I woke him up to give him a bath. He screamed during the whole thing and was not inclined to go back to bed right away. Oh and zero progress on the potty training. I haven’t even had the brainspace to try.

Today Kiki was sad because Link got a pricey birthday gift which she would have loved to receive. She was very good about not spoiling Link’s birthday joy, but I still got to listen to a litany about the unfairness of life.

Today Howard was discouraged because he wanted the book finished by now.

Today I am inclined to feel that all of the preceding events are somehow my fault. I know it’s not logical. I know I’ll feel better in the morning, but tonight I am weary and the thought of getting up to do it all again tomorrow makes me want to weep.