Putting things in order

Today has been a day for putting things in order. Mostly that has meant housework. It has also involved some small organizational projects. It makes me feel much better about life. I’m also mentally organizing for next week. I sat down and wrote an event by event schedule for Monday and Tuesday next week. No wonder I’ve been going crazy trying to keep up. The schedule is packed. But today I’m putting things in order and preparing in advance so that next week can go more smoothly. This includes housecleaning, laundry, meal planning, and getting extra sleep.

In August I spent some time feeling guilty over all the brain space that I was devoting to writing. I wondered if I should be writing at all because all the creative energy I spent on writing could have been spent on helping my kids. Now it is September and the pendulum has swung the other way. All of my creative energy is being funneled into helping kids adapt to school and into creating a workable system for keeping the household running efficiently. I’m hoping to put writing in as part of that schedule, but it might be a few weeks. I feel really reassured that the needs of my kids have regained precedence over my writing. In the grand scheme, I’d much rather fail as a writer than as a mother.