Day: September 18, 2006

Online stores

I’ve been doing lots of research into running an online store because we want a better ordering solution than a pile of paypal buttons. Happily I’ve found lots of possibilities and I’m currently testing them to see which fits us best. Also very happy was discovering that one of my teenage friends has her own online store. It’s called Just Another Sunset and it is full of fairy/fantasy things that I wish I could buy for Kiki and Gleek because they would love them. Maybe for Christmas after we’ve managed the launch of Schlock book II. In the meantime all of you can go take a look and see the pretty things.

Kiki’s mad morning

This morning Kiki was screamingly mad at me because her drawers were empty when she wanted to get dressed. According to her, this was my fault because I failed to make her empty her laundry basket. My refusal to accept responsibility for the consequences of her not doing her chores made Kiki very mad.

Also on the “made Kiki mad this morning” list:

The fact that I assumed that getting her out of bed once should have been enough.

Gleek reclaiming her brush from the bathroom where Kiki had stashed it. The unfairness that Gleek’s brush is the best one in the house and the only brush that Kiki wants to use and now Gleek would lose it so that Kiki couldn’t use it anymore.

The fact that Howard was going to scold Kiki for making everyone late.

Gleek refusing to leave the bedroom so that Kiki could dress in privacy.

The fact that in order to get Gleek out of the room, I gave Gleek a mobile which Kiki made. Kiki didn’t want the mobile, but she was ready to fight tooth and nail to see it thrown away rather than let Gleek have it for 3 minutes so I could focus on helping Kiki get ready.

The fact that we are unable/unwilling to give her a room of her own.

I don’t like to send kids off to school upset, but sometimes they don’t give me any other choice.