Day: September 14, 2006

Today’s insight

Gleek deals with emotions in ways that are fundamentally different from my own. Because of this, part of me is convinced that her management of emotions is wrong and I need to teach her how to do it differently. I need to teach her to do it my way. …only she isn’t me and I’m not sure she is capable to reacting to the world the way that I do. I could spend years trying to correct this perceived fault in my daughter, or I can learn to accept the difference and try to see why her way works for her.

As Gleek’s mother, it is also my job to teach her emotional tools so that she can handle what life throws at her. I’m going to have a really hard time teaching her how to use tools that are foreign to me.

brain full

I got just over 5 hours of sleep last night. (It was my own fault for staying up too late.)

I spent all of this morning buried in testing a storefront/shopping cart combo that we are considering implementing for Schlock Mercenary. The moments not spent staring at my computer were spent taking clean pants to one school child, delivering a forgotten watch to a different school child, and explaining to a third why it is not acceptable to sneak away from the teacher and attempt to walk home. I also made phone calls to a doctor and a dentist for appointments.

Around 2 pm I crashed into a nap. It was not a restful nap. It was much too full of half-dreams about all of the above. As I was returning to the land of the wakeful, my brain supplied images of me trying to figure out how to enter my children as store products by somehow shoving them into the software via the monitor. There was also a sale on crooked teeth involved somewhere.

I either need more sleep, or less concerns crashing in my brain.