The good and the…good

Gleek had a great day at Kindergarten today. She actually helped rather than hindering the orderly running of the class.

Kiki confronted one of the peers who she felt was giving her grief and found that she was perceiving something that wasn’t there.

Link had a break down at school, but it happened when I was there to pick up Gleek. I was able to sit down with him and find the source of his sadness. He was missing his best friend who moved away. We wrote the friend a quick letter and he bounced back to class completely happy.

Patches decided that he wants to wear underwear. So far this has resulted in multiple changes of pants and a completely dry potty. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to switch that around a little. But at least we’ve taken steps in the right direction.

Howard has reached the last few tweaks on the book before we send it off for printing.

We had both morning prayer time and family home evening.

I actually accomplished all of the critical tasks for the day.

And all of that is despite the fact that I was running on 5 hours of sleep. Some days are just good.