Short updates

This week I have been focusing on getting myself and the kids out of the house more. It is working. We’ve been to a park, a church activity, and gone swimming. I’m beginning to fulfill the promises I made to the kids about how this summer would go.

This week I am also prepping for shipping. Janci and I sorted invoices. I’ve got all the t-shirts and will be folding them tomorrow too. I even placed my first orders for shipping supplies. Next week there will be more invoice sorting. Things are lining up so that we can do the shipping in mid-July.

Howard is working hard as always, trying to rebuild the buffer that took a hit from finishing the book and multiple convention appearances. We’re headed into the home stretch on the current story arc and Howard is placing himself under significant pressure to get it right. I have every confidence in him. I recently re-read the whole story and I kept being amazed at all the little details that he kept track of and brought back around. I was there with him the whole time, reading scripts as he finished them, but I frequently get confused or forget details. But the story really works and is going to be a good book. It is also going to be a really big book.

Our summer life rhythm is creaking along, not perfect, but more-or-less functional. The chore lists need to be tweaked because I can see which jobs are not on anyone’s list. Speaking of chore lists, house chores need to figure more prominently on my to do list as well. After that I can figure out how to give myself quiet spaces in the day. The trip to the park last Tuesday gave me some hints. We were there for two hours after dinner, and for most of it I sat and wrote on my laptop. Evening trips to the park may become a staple of this summer.