Endless Saturday Afternoon

So far the summer feels like one endless Saturday. This is because all the kids are home all day, just like they are on Saturdays. So I float anchorless through the week, continually surprised to discover that today is in fact Friday (Or Tuesday, or Thursday). Sundays are anchored by church, everything else floats.

Despite the drifting nature of the week, I am still getting lots of work done. This is good and necessary. Every day brings us closer to book shipping, GenCon, and AussieCon. Each of these events has piles of necessary associated tasks. I’m working my way through the lists, keeping careful notes to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Of course things do get missed, but I try to make sure they are small things.

My focus on all things merchandise and convention has crowded writing out for now. This will change, but at the moment it is necessary. Writing in the summer is always hard because I have so few empty spaces in which to contemplate. All the spaces are filled with children. These children are all loving the relaxed schedule of summer. They are adapting admirably to the lists of chores on the wall, and the house is getting incrementally cleaner every day. This makes us all glad. Yes, the kids are glad too. They like having clean places to play.

June is a month which will mostly be spent at home. This is good. We need time to stabilize. Howard needs time to build up the buffer. Because at the end of the month the books will arrive.